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What is the process of creating a design for a show? What is best practice in collaborating with a lighting designer? Discuss these questions and more and probably a whole lot of great stories , with visiting lighting designer Itai Erdal. A second coffee date will be held the following week to dive into lighting design with Siminovitch prize nominated Itai Erdal.

Pisces horoscope january 9 2020

Facebook event here. To show where fundamentally we are the same as cis people. And to show where we are different, unique, special, valid, deep and valuable. In my case, I want people to know how important it was that I was doing something valid. Scientifically and spiritually. That hormones and surgery would quell my lifelong gender dysphoria and that surgery would make me feel complete and for want of a better word, normal.

I think many people have very little knowledge of trans people and seem bizarrely incurious, but also permit themselves to wax for hours about our lives and our rights and our needs. I think the science is growing more firm every day that trans brains have a variant that can be seen with instruments, a variant that makes our brains appear closer on some mappings to the gender we know we are. This is something I did that I needed to do, that I did years too late and that is very serious and life-saving.

Also, people should know many of us are very happy but we are so often treated like garbage and it wears you down and kills your trust. I am one of the very very lucky ones. I have loving friends, a loving family, a job, a home, and my health. All these things are taken for granted by many.

Many trans people have none of the above. People are trying to erase us from public life and I often feel like they are succeeding.

19/20 Special Events

There are two answers. Then, I, and the world changed and the limitless potential of stripping binary and gender from art suddenly freed the whole enterprise. I had always wanted this play to be the inside voice of a trans child and adult since so many stories of trans lives are about bodies changing and bodies colliding with others. If I see one more news story of a trans woman that starts with her or them putting on makeup, I will hurl.

In assigning lines to this cast, I ignored gender leanings and you soon find they are so pervasive and yet so easily dispensed of with patience and imagination.

News Archive - Transcona Collegiate

I focused entirely on their individual strengths and since this work is basically blank verse, on how I could hear them or they saying a particular line. And I hope you all agree. How are you able to be so vulnerable and forthcoming about your life experience. What motivates your vulnerability? I think more properly I write about times when I was vulnerable and part of maybe why the play ends at the start of my transition process is that I am still vulnerable in being a trans woman who only passes as a woman some of the time and I need more time to look back on this vulnerable time.

I think you need to be not angry to be funny, and not angry to write about the hurt you have endured and the hurt you have caused, so you need some growth and distance. To use an alimentary metaphor I think we can only regurgitate what we have fully digested. Otherwise, your work is gas or puke.

That this was a spiritual journey for me: from innocence, through a wilderness of puberty and pain, to purgatory and bardo and finally to redemption rebirth and happiness. Friends, cooking, reading, rats, opera, theatre, classical music; feeling happy and alive most of the time now. Also, since my transition, I am more interested in looking at things in a different way.

I love ghosts and the enneagram and take the horoscope serious enough I will avoid stuff if it tells me to. I also attend Quaker Meetings, St. I love the quiet of the Quakers and the music and sermons at Young and St. You are a huge fan of opera — what are your top three opera picks that everyone should see in their lifetime?

Not much. It was coming to the end of a dirty, sluggish, impoverished, depressed time and a better one would not begin until years after we left. Moving to Toronto in mullets excepted was the best thing my parents ever did for themselves or my sister and me. Cynically: that there was an AIDS crisis and many many many young people died and no-one seemed to care, not really.

That as crap as it is for trans people now it was ten times worse for any gay or in any way non-cisnormative non-heterosexual person when I grew up. Also, it was a true death sentence so the idea of thinking you were infected and being terrified to get tested made people antsy and grumpy and tired but at the same time most people walked around like nothing was happening.

I am getting married! I just have to meet someone. I am leaving the Winnipeg Comedy Festival after 18 years. I am teaching, I love it. I want to read even more and write poetry. Tuesday, January 29, A New Year! New Beginnings! New Art! Start your year off with inspiring new ideas! Curated by Tanner Manson! Music new and beloved and maybe more? Inspired by their love of storytelling, Fill The Whole Theatre Company aims to collaborate with a range of artists and community members to create multidisciplinary theatrical experiences.

Hera Nalam is a 23 year old up and coming singer-songwriter and actor originally from Cebu, Philippines but is now locally based in Winnipeg. She graduated from the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto of Facebook event. We would like to wish everyone the happiest of Holidays and the very best for a New Year filled with peace and joy, happiness and good health and every other good wish for YOU, our fantastic friends!

Thank you to all our community partners for opening their hearts and homes to our merry band of artists! Dances for teens and seniors were hosted with the Country Pride band. Finally, our hearty thanks to the Goodwill Social Club for hosting our Salons. Good cheer and warm hugs to our volunteers for all their enthusiastic help.

We want to thank you for all of your support and love — we really appreciate each and every one of you!

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We know that sometimes you need a wonderful and clutter-free! We think we can help you out: Tickets to Dragonfly, playing March , ! Not sure which performance they will be attending? No problem! One size fits all, nut and gluten free, and fast!

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Plus, giving the gift of great theatre AND supporting your local non-profit theatre makes you look like a star — win-win! Call us — — if you need assistance!

Sometimes online purchases prove tricky, and we can also process your request over the phone. Happy Holidays!

A whole new expanded family. This sums up the last month for a group of rag-tag artists in the Interlake. Little did we know how when we set out about how rewarding this experience would be.

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The way each community welcomed us in with open minds and open hearts, showed us that art can live anywhere. Reflecting back on the tour as a whole, the only regret was not being able to do more. At the end of each week we felt we had just begun to crack the shell that was the artistic potential of each community and begin to find our place within it. When we entered our last week and I could feel tour coming to an end. I had an odd mixture of feelings. We clung to each night as we were able to- not ready for the tour to end.

You could say we lit up the town, or at least the bar! We were very proud. In each community we would learn about local history, and also engage in conversations about the struggles of the present and hopes for the future. This came to life in a new way as we prepared for our final presentation in Teulon- where we hosted an afternoon of performances and activities to help the town brainstorm ideas for its Centennial Celebration next year. We shared stories we dug up from research at the museum and demonstrated ways we thought they could teach this history, while engaging the whole community in making plans and dreams for the next years.

Today as I sit at home reflecting on the weeks that have recently passed, a few names still ring in my head: Patsy, Joel, Adeline, Merle, Emily, Ray, among many others. These people are what made our time so special. So in the closing moments of the Chautauqua tour I personally want to say thank you to each and every one of those people- and all the community members who supported us. Talk soon. We will see you soon. Community Sponsor: Teulon. Advertising Sponsors.