28 february 2020 lunar eclipse horoscope


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The new moon eclipse is also the ideal time to make wishes and commitments, and to set your intentions for the following six months until the next new moon eclipse. Making new moon wishes could hardly be simpler. As close to just after the new moon as you can, compile a list of your top ten wishes, intentions and commitments.

Ten is a manageable number. Your rising sign is the most personal point on your chart, and is based on your time, date and place of birth. Also, find a balance between what people especially friends need from you, versus what you need. Connect with your spiritual side.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology

Yoga, meditation or chanting could change your life in amazing ways. Self-belief at this important time boosts your cash flow. Full Moon eclipse: Expect a tug-of-war between your need for personal space and family time versus what you need to get done in your career. The eclipse is going to force you to confront this. New Moon eclipse: Because the new moon eclipse is in your wishing zone, this is the prime time to make wishes and set your intentions. Make a list to read out on February 26, after 3pm when the eclipse takes place in the UK. Visualise your desires. Dreams can come true.

Full Moon eclipse: You may feel torn between where you are versus where you want to be. A chance to resolve issues with siblings or neighbours arises. New Moon eclipse: The eclipse is in your career zone and heralds new developments for you professionally.

Miss the 12222 Blood Moon? Here's When the Next One Will Occur

You deserve it. With Saturn in your sign, you have hopefully been working very hard indeed.

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Full Moon eclipse: A massive change to do with money is coming in the next six months. If you have been working hard to progress financially, you could be about to turn a corner. Work with the eclipse by believing in yourself and what you have to offer. New Moon eclipse: Anything to do with travel, study, adventure, teaching and publishing is well-starred now. Success awaits, even if it eluded you in the past. Being optimistic is the key, so expect good things. Full Moon eclipse: This eclipse in Leo is an important message to you from the heavens that you need to change your life in some major way.

The first idea that springs to mind is most likely where you need to start. Switch off a bit, for the sake of your mental health. Full Moon eclipse: As usual, you have been helping everyone to the point that you start to feel run ragged. Strike a balance between all the things you have to do versus your need for some zen. Working hard comes naturally to you. New Moon eclipse: This is taking place in a super-sensitive part of your chart — your relationship zone.

How it plays out depends on the state of your closest relationships.

For some, a dream comes true. Full Moon eclipse: This eclipse could bring up tricky issues with a friend. Deal with them! Potentially, a very social six months lies ahead. New Moon eclipse: Your daily routines are about to change. Tweak them for the good of your mental and physical health. For some, a new job or responsibilities beckon.


Full Moon eclipse: Expect intense feelings connected to your professional life, your desire to change your job or indeed to find a new job. A professional project may pay off now. You can expect some glory for all your hard work and efforts. Enjoy yourself, get back in touch with your inner child or your actual child.

Allow time for creative pursuits. The best possible outcome is that you realise your life is on track after all. New Moon eclipse: Changes at home or to do with family are forecast. If you want to move house or even move to a different town or country the eclipse will help you. Now is a good time to heal a family rift.

by Fred Espenak, GSFC Planetary Systems Laboratory

Full Moon eclipse: There are financial changes afoot for you now as the eclipse straddles both money zones in your horoscope. Move on from the past and you can prosper financially. This eclipse also suggests the end of a cycle in your sex life. New Moon eclipse: Expect a busy six months with plenty of places to go and people to see. A new start is possible with a sibling or neighbour. Full Moon eclipse: There is a rare chance for change in your most important relationships.

I have a stellium of north node, jupiter and pluto in Leo in the 10th natally. This eclipse at 23 is 3 degrees shy of my progressed Jupiter in Leo at Is that too wide an orb and is it positive in the 11th? Im still learning all this…Can someone help me figure out how will this Lunar eclipse affect me? Thanks this is a fascinating and hope-boosting article! It certainly feels intense in my life at the moment… mask vs rebellion, peace vs truth, fear vs risk… all tied to just wanting to be realistic about being myself in a sustainable, self-sufficient way.

My boyfriend at the time said he got the fear. The first one squared his Venus exactly… so if I can enjoy a less challenging patch in relationships I would welcome that immensely. Hi Jamie, great article. Natally, i have Uranus at 21deg libra, opposite tr Uranus. Would this affect my sun at 22deg Virgo? Make a yod with transit Uranus Aries and sun in Aquarius?

Full Moon for February 2020

Chiron in Pisces maybe makes a boomerang yod, being opposite my sun as the apex? I feel that the saros series energy is more relevant than aspect pattern. This makes no sense at all whatsoever. I think you must have barfed on your keyboard.

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What a waste of time reading this bullshit. As someone who professes to be the authority you do in the way you do, affecting the minds of others, I would suggest a good long honest look at yourself while this full moon is in full force Kesley, for your own sake as well as others.

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Still, I just felt compelled to offer, and you are free to choose to ignore and write me off as stupid too, it really is of no consequence to me, that is your choice not mine, your choice your responsibility your consequence, hoping you choose wisely. But then I dont know her, may be she is ok with that representation.