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Cancer is a person of intuition and moods, whereas Virgo is a creature of intellect and logic , but this difference is actually healthy for both partners.

When this love match works well, Virgo will learn to trust their intuition more, while Cancer will learn to take a more practical approach to life and its stresses. Virgo and Cancer compatibility essentially gives this team the best of both worlds and can be a very powerful cement for this relationship.

August 24 Zodiac

The Homemaker and the Healer share a nurturing side to their personalities. When it comes to courtship, there are few signs more old fashioned than Virgo — and Cancer compatibility increases when a courtship is slow, dignified and sincere. Although both partners can be slightly shy in their day to day lives, they feel relaxed enough with one another to show their true selves, which is when love can begin to blossom. For Cancer and Virgo, compatibility thrives on the knowledge that they can trust each other.

Cancer and Virgo compatibility also involves a lot of planning and well thought out goals. This is not a spontaneous couple, and they will have set ideas about where they are heading and what they want to achieve; given their combined strengths, they are more likely than many other couples to achieve those goals too. Cancer and Virgo compatibility is a very equal relationship, with both partners playing an equally vital role.

Water and earth go together in our natural world, and so too in the zodiac. An Astromatcha star sign compatibility report will give you more detail about this sweet partnership, but as a general rule we can say that both partners will thrive in this atmosphere.

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Together, this couple can lead a highly practical and carefully planned life, which is just how they both want it. They combine the sensitive tendencies of Cancer with the dramatic nature of Leos. If you were born on this cusp and strive to bring the best of Cancer and Leo together, you will possess courage, imagination, sensitivity, and artistically creative talents. At their best, individuals born on this cusp are empathetic leaders who are caring, passionate and can connect easily with others.

Fire/earth cusps

They're emotionally intuitive, as well as charismatic, and have the ability to persuade people to do what they ask. At their worst, individuals born on this cusp are inclined to manipulate people and situations and use their ability to persuade others for their own personal gain. Cancers are the most compatible with the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Friendship Compatibility For Scorpio And Virgo

However, those born on this cusp will resonate with and be drawn to individuals who express Leo characteristics. The progressed sun is an extension of your birth sun, and it shows how you mature and grow as a person.

It's the progressed sun that reveals why being born on a cusp makes a difference. The progressed sun moves one degree forward every year from the day of your birth. This means if you are born when the sun was about to enter the next sign, you began combining the traits of the following zodiacal sign into your solar personality from a very young age and as you grow older, those traits will slowly merge with those of your natal sun sign.