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Michael Lutin is a dear, longtime friend and colleague. He wrote the astrology column for Vanity Fair magazine for nearly 15 years. Michael is also author of astrology columns in Vogue magazine in Japan and Europe. I bought the January Vanity Fair issue because of his article on Pluto in Capricorn and the affect this planetary shift will have on the USA, Canada and the world.

It is my personal prayer that we all develop a heightened sixth sense to guide us through the next twenty years because Pluto's transit through Capricorn is going to make Pluto in Scorpio look like a church picnic. This is precisely what astrology has been used for in the last few thousand years - forecasting major historical epochs and events.

Leo Horoscope 12222

Astrologers have always been in the back rooms of power, helping to guide monarchs and world leaders through the course of history. Astrology is one of the best systems to determine what is happening to nations and the leaders of nations. Reading the charts of ordinary people was not done until about a years ago. Instead astrology was reserved for heads of state, royalty and the aristocracy.

Astrology is new to the commoner. My advice for everyone over the next decades? Clear up all debt moral, financial, emotional, intellectual and physical and get your spiritual life in order. For more specific advice, call me.

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Getting an edge on Pluto's transit through Capricorn and WHERE that is happening in your own natal chart or the chart of a family member or business colleague can give you a significant edge. This two in one book also features a complete Astrological event book for which details cosmic events, moon cycles, mercury retrogrades and meteor showers.

C*I*A WEBINAR: Pluto in 2017, with Michael Lutin, – PURCHASE NOW

This detailed and beautifully presented Horoscope book is the perfect Astrological Horoscope for the zodiac Star sign Leo. This month takes you towards the development of your skills, and characterizes the energy of patience, as you observe and become receptive to a slower pace. Working towards goals, in a steady and pragmatic matter, enables you to dedicate your energy in a committed, capable, and thoughtful manner.

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The positive attribute of this methodical approach is the ability to recognize limitations, overcome them, and obtain growth over time. Learning a trade, nurturing your skills, and improving your circumstances are indicated.


You are ambitious, self-confident, and diligent, as you expand your horizons, and achieve tangible success through the perseverance you apply to manifesting your dreams. You have exhibit strength of character and are committed, knowledgeable, and vital. Active and practical energy unite to enable you to build foundations for future progress. This is a month which takes you towards the development of emotional well-being.

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You enjoy a relaxing time of celebration, and this draws emotional fulfillment into your life. It is a time of expansion, appreciation, and joy.

disrarulan.gq A personal situation in your life brings you happiness, and as you continue to nurture your emotional side, you feel a sense of heightened well-being. A joyful gathering connects you to loved ones, and you relish the moments of togetherness, and embrace the holiday spirit. Social events spark up your life, and a surprise is forthcoming, which looks promising, and relates to improving your stability, and may lead to higher prosperity.

There are chances to increase your social network, and as you are a people person, you embrace the opportunity to learn and meet new contacts.

It is a time which results in harmony, happiness, and fulfillment, you have plans and goals for the future, but you can relax and enjoy the social interaction, and put planning off for another time. There is compelling energy at your disposal during the January 21st Super-moon in Leo, and this combines with your personal will, which provides you with fascinating insight, and heightens your ability to manifest positive outcomes. It takes you towards an awakening, where you leave material considerations behind and seek a higher spirituality.

You glimpse the future, and this only drives your passions further, as you yearn to fully explore the potential you intuitively know is possible. It is a journey of infinite possibilities and unlimited power. You follow your instincts freely, and evolve your path, incorporating lessons learned, as you become one with your own personal vision.

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This is a journey of inner exploration, and the more you delve into your own personal view, the better you understand yourself and enable your abilities to grow, which can improve how goals manifest in your physical realm. It is time to seek rejuvenation your life. As you head towards change, you cut away from toxic energy, allowing the past to fall apart.

You find yourself in a difficult time, and this requires perseverance and dedication, to push through perceived barriers, and break into fresh ground. You have been working hard, and having to deal with many demands on your time, you may be fixated on making something concrete happen in your career right now, and you have a rigid idea of what you wish the outcome to be, how it will happen, and where it will take you.